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I don’t know what phone to get.. ?

I’m not with any company right now. 
Signing on a new contract.. for myself.

I kinda want the blackberry bold 9900 in white,

but I’ve been looking at the iphone4s in white for a long time..

but i can’t decide.

because it’s cheaper for me to sign on a contract with tmobile then at t . 

  1. 0sev answered: blackberry is stuck in the past. there is basically no support for it and the os is slow in general. the iphone is expandable/jailbreak
  2. oyza answered: iPhone is better than a blackberry at this point. It’ll last you at least 3 years while the BB is already a little outdated.
  3. cookies-andloud answered: which company are with ?
  4. lovedisneyw0rld answered: Iphone 4s (;
  5. lilymosha answered: depends how into you are with phones?
  6. adrenaline-junkiee answered: iphone!
  7. thisrandomfellow answered: how about a “cell” phone. lol
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