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Anyone else notice that “Atlanta’s ex’s” the ladies that once married to famous men are not that good looking? 
Like how did you get them ?  

thought to self.. but not so good looking girls give the best head.

They got to work harder… 


I’ll always be the one that got away. 


me listening to partition


me listening to partition

I’d had nothing to say. I was only desperate to make conversation and prove myself a witty, amusing, and thoughtful girl, the sort one cannot imagine living without. The difficulty, of course, is that I am in command of none of these qualities.

I can’t hide that the words hurt me. I can blame it on bad luck, cold weather, that my car just wouldn’t start, but in truth the tears are from words that won’t leave my head, even after you vacated my bed.

There are three kinds of heartbreak:

The first is when someone is reckless with your heart and it breaks and it shatters in ways you never thought it could.

The second is when you break someone’s heart because you will never know pain like the type that has you look into their eyes but they look away.

The third is the worst kind of heartbreak is the kind that comes along when you have to watch the person you love be happy with someone else.

You’ll be left with memories of me, and that’s where I shall be.

Let me take a moment here to jot a quick thought.

     If you’re a girl, do you swallow? 

& if you don’t… why not ?

I’ve read here and there that semen is actually healthy for you. Now I used to think it was bullshit and just something guys made up to get women to swallow…. 

I’ve always been one to swallow, because the thought of having it lingering in my mouth and having to run to the bathroom is too much of a hassle for me. I mean I think swallowing gum is worse anyways.. haha 
I know a lot of girls don’t like giving bj’s, but I love it. It’s a great feeling knowing you have control over someone’s pleasure. I crave that feeling and luckily my boyfriend doesn’t oppose to me doing so.  I would say more, but he might get mad. hahhahaa.

So here are some things I believe that you can benefit from when you swallow. 

- Improve skin, texture, tone, everything.
- Supposedly healthy for you and protein or vitamin was it ? 
- Indonesian people save their husbands ejaculation and use it as paste on their face.. which explains why they have such great skin… (; 

All in all, 

 you should totally try it over a period of time. Maybe once a week if you don’t usually do it, and maybe 5 times a week if you love doing it. Once every day is pretty healthy too, and you’ll see a noticeable difference in your skin. No pimples, no roughness. . not anything. 

Just try it. 

I have a huge forehead hehehehe five head

I have a huge forehead hehehehe five head









Your Food is Secretly Talking About You Behind Your Back

The tequila one though. hahaha :D

I believe in little signs here and there… 

      like the ones where you meet someone and a song comes on and it sounds so special and it feels special.. 

I think that’s a sign. 

I believe in that.

   News about Robin Williams really hit me on a different note. 

It’s crazy how a person that makes a lot of people in the world filled with laughter and happiness be so lost inside. How someone can project such joy, love, and laughs to the world; feel so cold and lonely. I don’t think it’s suicide. I think depression is a disease. I think this disease is what really kills people. 

I feel the same way sometimes. I feel so alone even though I’m not alone. I understand, and I feel for him. We’re all battling our own demons, and I think the more happier some people could appear to be are the ones who’s fighting the hardest. 

Here I am catching myself reading articles about how you know when you’re in love, or when you like someone. 

How DO you know ?

I am a curious person in general, and my mind constantly wanders with questions… sometimes the questions have good answers and sometimes they don’t. I don’t mean to be depressing as I ask the questions that might not have so great answers. I just try to be realistic.. but oh how I wish to know. How I wish to not have any questions and no wonder… I just want someone to tell me if it’s a “sure thing”.

& Sometimes you have this gut feeling, but you can’t seem to act upon it because you know your gut feelings have taken you LEFT a couple times before. So how do you trust that? How do you figure it out ? 

Read between the lines..